We usually write on sheets of A-4 format.

  • Format A-4 is 1/16 part of the format A0, which is the area of 1 m2. Therefore, leaf A-4 is 1/16 of a square meter. Its dimensions are 297 x 210.
  • The sides of sheet A-4 belong to each other as 1 to the square root of 2.
  • The width of sheet A– 4 coincides with one of the most important figures in modern astronomy-the neutral hydrogen line.

Hydrogen atoms contain one proton and one electron, each of which has its own “spin” – the magnetic moment. Their “spins” can navigate in one and same direction, and can and in opposite.

The transition between these positions, is accompanied by the absorption or emission of energy in the form of a quantum of radiation in the radio band, approximately at a wavelength of 21 cm.

  • In fact, 21-centimeter microwaves are the most common in Space. Therefore, “aluminum plates”, who went in flight on Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11, the radio line of neutral hydrogen was adopted as a benchmark.

Among the symbols of humans and Human Civilization, the transition between the two main states of the hydrogen atom is located on the “aluminum plate” at the top, and the growth of the woman depicted on this plate is equal to eight such units, 168 cm, as 8 sheets of A – 4.

This remark is about the responsibility of people who write something on blank sheets, be it poets, scientists, politicians, students or bankers.  It is a remark about the responsibility of women to Preserve Human Civilization.

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