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  • “Deep ecology” (including the processing of systems in the UN format; GIO – 2004)
  • Human predicates (including the “C-13 isotope paradox”, Y-chromosome failure and the threat of male extinction)

The axis of the Earth passes the full circle of the Cosmic Zodiac in about 26 thousand years. According to Plato, who lived from 428 to 348 BC. (Age of Aries, 2000 BC – 0 years AD), this figure is indicated even more precisely – 25920 years).
And the “cosmic hour” is equal to 2160 Earth years. Every such “hour” the Earth enters another zodiacal constellation. This “hour” of the Earth’s stay in one constellation is called an epoch.

It turns out that there are “feminine” and “masculine” eras. They alternate.
Self-absorption, deep perception of the world and attempts at unification (synthesis) at different levels are characteristic of “female” eras. During these periods, humanity feels the world and reality as given and tries not to change it, but to understand and adapt. The first such era in the life of mankind was the era of Gemini (VII-V millennium BC).

The next “female” era was “the era of Aries (III-I millennium BC). It is characterized by an attempt at synthesis. Mathematics and poetry, astronomy and medicine, art and religion – everything was perceived as a single whole and united Unified concept – philosophy.
The next “women’s” era – “The Age of Aquarius” began in 2012.

However, in 2012, not only the transition from one era to another was completed, but also the 500-year cycle, which was studied quite well by experts and is associated by some scientists with a parade of planets.
Once in 480-500 years, the planets of the Solar System line up to one side of our luminary, which sums up their impact on the Earth. And each time this event marks a turning point in the development of mankind. The parade of the planets lasts only a few years, but over the years the hidden forces accumulated in humanity are being released and as if the fate of our civilization is programmed for the next five hundred years.

The uniqueness of the moment that we, humanity, are experiencing today, lies in the fact that at the end of 2012 the transition of our planet into a new era, the era of Aquarius, the five hundred year cycle and three cycles of evolution (solar, galaxy and galaxy) occurred simultaneously.
And besides, as the prophets predict, our planet entered the Photon Belt or the light of the galactic ray, and that the planet Nibiru will appear near the Earth. But this, as it turned out, is not everything either!
The established fact: on December 21, 2012, a parade was held not only of the planets of the Solar System, but also of the planets of other star systems of the Galaxy.

Thus, like the Earth, which revolves around the Sun during the year, it takes the Sun about 26 thousand years to rotate around Alkion, the central star of the Pleiades star system, of which we are a part. The Pleiades, in turn, rotate around the center of the galaxy, making one revolution every 230 million years. The galaxy itself is carried along a huge cosmic spiral. Having completed a revolution every so many billions of years, it, and we together with it, move to a new stage of the evolutionary spiral.
“The evolution of the Cosmos is eternal, because everything is in motion and in accordance with the Spiral of Evolution.”