On 17 December 1998, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted resolution 53/202, by which it decided to designate the 55th session of the General Assembly, that opened on 5 September 2000, as “The Millennium Assembly of the United Nations” and to convene a “Millennium Summit of the United Nations”. Supporting the Secretary-General’s proposal for the Millennium Assembly and the Millennium Summit, the General Assembly expressed the conviction that the transition period at the turn of the century provides a unique and symbolically important moment for Member States of the United Nations in terms of formulating and prioritizing the leadership of the United Nations in the new era.

“The occasion of the third millennium presents a timely opportunity for the only global organization, in terms of its membership as much as of its areas of work, to identify the challenges that it will face in the future and to engage in an imaginative exercise to enhance and strengthen this unique institution”.

Kofi Annan UN Secretary-General, 1996-2006

In the framework of the international program of the United Nations “Towards The New Millennium” in Antarctica (zero political point) in 2000 the FLAME OF THE III MILLENNIUM – was lit Flame of Peace, Flame of Hope, Flame of Future. Flame against man-made disasters, terrorism, wars, violence.

The international program “Cosmic Women’s Message” is the recipient of the program “Towards the Third Millennium” and the successor. The author of the program “Cosmic Women’s Message” Olga Afanaseva was the co-author of the Millennium Flame and carried it along with the participants of the International Super Marathon of the World.

For the first time at the turn of the millennium, the Millennium Flame from 31 stars was virtually lit, which during the evolution of Mankind played a sacred role in the development of human civilization or were the basis of cultural ideologies in the history of Humanity (Polar, Sirius, Deneb, Spika, Betelgeuse, Regulus and others).

88 people from 18 countries took part In one of the largest international nongovernmental expeditions called “Towards the 21st Century” in Antarctica, an area without any national borders. Among the participants are famous travelers, cosmonauts, scientists, politicians. 54 champion and ex-world champion in various sports.

Surprisingly, at this time, members of the expedition “Towards the 21st Century” crossed with the legendary crew of the “Apollo-13” manned spacecraft, during which a serious accident occurred while flying to the moon. Astronauts understand better than others how important the harmony of the Cosmic and the Earth. Recall that this crew showed heroism when an unplanned situation occurred on the “Apollo 13”. James Arthur Lovell Jr. (James Arthur Lovell, Jr.) and Fred Wallace Hayes (Fred Wallace Haise, Jr.) were with members of the “Towards the 21st Century” expedition when the Millennium Flame was lit in Antarctica (foto: Millennium Flame co-author Sergey Afanasev and crew members “Apollo 13”).

The Flame of the Millennium lit at the South pole was handed over to the representatives of the International Ultramarathon in which over 1,500 people from 42 states participated.

Citizens of the world signed the Memorandum on the “Prevention of destruction of Human Civilization” along all the way that the Flame of the Millennium traveled.