Human Civilization is only carried out 6 Messages into Space

First – The first-the «Message of «Peace», «Lenin», «USSR» (1962)

Second – «Arecibo Message» (1974)

Third – «Cosmic Call» (1999)

Fourth – «Teen Age Message» (2001)

Fifth – «Cosmic Call» (2003)

Sixth – «A Message From Earth» (2008)

Remark: 2020 has been chosen, as from this date the signals of the «Children’s Message» (2001) to the border of our Galaxy (Milky Way) will go for another 50 years. This should happen in February 2070 (the Constellation of the Dolphin). Also in 2020 there will be 100 years, as the musical instrument of «space music» Theremin was invented. Through this instrument musical works included in the previous Messages were performed.

The idea is to report our extraterrestrial brothers in mind appeared a few centuries ago. German mathematician Karl Friedrich Gauss in the first half of the XIX century offered to cut down in Taiga triangle with sides of 15 km and sow it with wheat. The aliens had to notice it and thus guess that there is a reasonable life on Earth. Gauss plan was not implemented, as the area of the triangle he proposed could be correlated with the size of a small state, for example, Ireland, and the project did not want to invest.

Gaussian was echoed by Austrian astronomer Joseph von Littrow, who believed that life was on the Moon. To attract the attention of the lunarians he intended with the help of gigantic trenches in the Sahara desert. He intended to fill it with kerosene and set it on fire at night. To fill one kilometer of the trench required 5 million cubic meters of gasoline. This, as in the first case, made the project not implemented.

In 1869, the French poet Charles Crowe proposed the use of a giant mirror to collect sunlight and direct towards Mars. Crow spent most of his life trying to get officials to implement his idea.

The First Message 

The first message was sent on November 19, 1962 from the center for long-range space communications in Yevpatoria. It consisted of three words «Peace», «Lenin», «USSR». Formally, it was a test of the equipment, but it seemed boring to send just signals to scientists, so the researcher Academy of Sciences offered to send a romantic «World. Lenin. USSR» in Morse Code.

The signal was successfully reflected off of Venus and back to Earth, but some of the information went into space and went to the constellation Libra (which contains three planets, similar in structure to the to the planet Earth).

Arecibo Message

The next message was sent in 1974 from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico in the constellation of Hercules cluster. The authors of the message of Francis Drake (by the way, the author of the famous equations, allowing to calculate the number of planets in the Universe) and Carl Sagan (astronomer, ectobiology) encrypted data on the biochemistry and structure of DNA, the population of the Earth, the Solar system and the Arecibo telescope.

The message will reach potential recipients in 25,000 years. And the same amount of time it takes to respond, if it does.…

Message on the «Pioneer»

Carl Sagan was the author of another message. In 1972 and 1973 on board the «Pioneer – 10» and «Pioneer – 11» were sent plates of anodized aluminum with a schematic image of a man and a woman. After that, Sagan was criticized for sending out in space «indecency».

Find out what the aliens think about it, we can at least two million years later, when the  «Pioneer» reaches its destination – the brightest star Taurus – Aldebaran.

Message on «Voyager»

To somehow smooth out the embarrassment of indecent images, in 1977 another message was sent to space – two gilt plate, a phonograph, a needle for their reproduction and instructions. If the case were to happen now, we would have to add another user agreement, at the end of which the alien mind would have to put a tick.  On the plates were recorded by еastern and western classical music (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Stravinsky), dance music (Chuck Berry and Louis Armstrong). There is also Georgian choral singing, ancient Chinese music and singing of the peoples of New Guinea on the record. Also alien will hear the sounds of human speech, birds singing, ocean noise, etc.

Message from Joe Davis

After the message of Carl Sagan’s «Pioneer» the american scholar John Davis, who worked at the University of Massachusetts, expressed the view that Space Messages to priority women should be especially noted. The aim was to send into space the signals corresponding metaphorical female breathing and breath of the Earth. To implement the plan, Davis gathered a group of like-minded people and and invited several ballerinas from the Boston National Ballet. Astronomers and astrophysicists, who took part in the project, were chosen four nearest to Earth stars, where it was planned to send a message. However, the group managed to make only a trial run signals (total in several minutes), after which the program was closed United States Air Force. Extraterrestrials Civilization did not know about «Women’s Breath of the Earth».

«Cosmic Call», «Teen Age Message»

The most frivolous message was sent by the physicist professor Alexander Zaitsev in 1999 from a telescope in Yevpatoria. In addition to information about humanity, it contained advertisements from sponsors (the project was invested by individuals).

In 2001 same Professor Zaitsev arranged to send into space «Children’s Message» under the same lead in space was sent to «Children’s Message», consisting of songs selected by young people from 15 cities of Russia. Also to the Polar Star was sent the song the Beatles «Across the Universe» and advertising chips Doritos…