The birth of a new star is a difficult process, but bright and fascinating

Women – the stars that help maintain the Harmony of the Universe

How can it be?

I’m an ordinary woman.

I was born in 1975 in Klintsy, Bryansk region (Russia). It’s not Moscow or Paris, it’s not New York or Beijing. Then it was a very small town in the western part of the Soviet Union.

My parents were not rich: my father was an electrician, my mother was a product quality specialist in a small factory. We all lived together with brother and sister, first in an «earthen» house, in which there was only one room.

But since childhood, I loved reading sci-fi books. And I was very worried when in these books robots-alien was capturing the Earth, and people who possessed great wealth couldn’t protect the Earth and couldn’t find harmonious way for the development of Civilization.

When in 1998 at its 53rd General Assembly, UN adopts Millennium Summit Program, I still lived in my small town and did not think that my life could change much. Quite by chance I got into a big city – to Moscow. Quite by chance I got into the program for the meeting of the III Millennium.

I came up with the idea to create a «Symbol Of The III Millennium» – «Flame Of The Millennium», which had to be lit from 31 stars, each of which was worshiped at different times by different peoples and civilizations on Earth. And quite by chance, representatives of 18 countries decided to implement this idea in the “zero points” of the planet Earth within the framework of the international expedition “Towards the XXI Century”, which was approved by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Then, quite by chance, I was offered to carry this “Symbol Of The III Millennium” in many countries: from UNESCO in Paris to Sydney, where the XXVII summer Olympic Games was to begin. I ran in different countries with professional athletes. And it was like the Olympic torch relay. I got to Sydney, I withdrew from the race because of the big heart problems.

Then it turned out that as a result of heavy loads, I spoiled my lungs, and soon I was rescued from the “other world” because of practically fatal tuberculosis. I thought that if I die, then in my 30 years I did not even give birth to a child. Then I had to live only 2-3 weeks. But the doctors, and most importantly God, did not let me die. Then, when because of the heavy loads on the body, I was diagnosed with cancer, then again the doctors, and most importantly God, again did not let me die.

After that, I decided that about the “Symbol Of The III Millennium” needs to know ordinary people, and most importantly – women, because they are strong and good, because they keep this our “sick” Civilization, because they give birth to children and do not give “die” of this Civilization, because it is women who are the “strong sex” and “good part of Humanity” (after all,  not women launch a wars and “kill children”).

I decided to make a worldwide program about the Harmonious existence of Civilization. I learned about 6 Space Messages for other Civilizations in Space, and in principle, for future generations on Earth. The first was sent in 1962 from the Soviet Union. Surprisingly, of these 6 Messages, 5 were «Male Messages» and 1 was called the «Children’s Message». It turned out that women did not send their «Female Message». I don’t know why it happened. Whether women were not given such an opportunity or «strong» male gender thought that women have nothing to say generation and Harmonious Universe.

I decided to organize a «Women’s Cosmic Message», and that all remembered that in addition to the Outer Space, where previous Messages was sent signals, there is also the Inner Cosmos of each Individual. Women know this better than men, because they give birth to all people and scientists know well that there is a special “maternal connection” with children. I myself, as a professional psychologist, for a long time engaged in child psychology, can also confirm this. Now, when I am engaged in psychophysics and cosmic psychology, I can also say that the Outer and Inner Cosmos forms a single Harmonious Field. Otherwise, people will have problems with the Earth and Space.

Surprisingly, when I decided to do such a global things for all women of the Earth, I had children of my own: first a girl, and then a boy (I was almost 40 years old). And this is after all my life the doctors said that it is unlikely I will have children, because I was born and lived in the area of the nuclear disaster Chernobyl nuclear power plant. I’m sure it was all with the help of Higher Cosmic Forces and the Divine Absolute.

«Women’s Cosmic Message» was ready in 2018 for the 55th anniversary of the flight of the first woman cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. In the same 2018 year, again quite by chance and at the very last moment, I became official participant of the 62 Women’s Session at the 72nd UN General Assembly. At the same time, the program «Women’s Cosmic Message» was presented to the Secretariat of the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

This is such an incredible story.

I want to say that all these years I have not been helped by the governments of any countries, not by any rich bankers. At first, there was no money for expensive tickets and hotels. But over time, people appeared who thought like me. They weren’t rich, but they helped. Thanks to them.

Now I want to be laid the «Capsules of Civilization, Time and Harmony» for future generations at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris and at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York. I want our descendants to open one of this capsules in February 2070, when the signal of the Children’s Message, which was sent in 2001, will reach the border of our Galaxy – the «Milky Way» in the “Dolphin Constellation”.

I also want all women who agree with the «Women’s Cosmic Message» to be able, through the space company SpaceZ, which I was helped to discover by friends in 2019, to send mini-messages to Space (for their loved ones and friends, for future generations) in electronic format on nano-satellites.

And most important, I invite all women to become co-authors of the «Women’s Cosmic Message», because it belongs not only to Olga Afanaseva, but to ALL WOMEN of the planet Earth.