The past and current years have become a huge test for people all over the world. This is a huge tragedy for Women. Humanity is dying. The concept of a woman, mother, wife – has no state borders, nationalities, skin color. Woman is the concept of Peace. Where there is a woman, there is harmony, comfort and tranquility. In February 2021 Universal Peace Federation, International diplomatic club “Amicability” and the Women’s Space Message held a universal international session, which was attended by diplomats-partners of the Amicability Club, ambassadors Republic of Grenada, Republic of Mauritius, religious leaders, statesmen, as well as musicians and artists.

At this event Olga Afanaseva received the honorary title of “Ambassador of Peace” for her contribution to resolving the issue of peaceful existence. Peace Ambassadors are renowned scientists, diplomats and statesmen, athletes, cultural figures, patrons of the arts. As part of the session, a charity event was held by artists of different styles.

Ambassador of Peace

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