In September 2018, Olga Afanaseva, the author of the Women’s Space Message, met with Gregory Olsen, a space tourist, a professor at Princeton University.

Gregory Olsen is an astronaut who flew to the International Space Station as part of the Soyuz TMA-7 international crew, piloted by Hero of the Russian Federation Valery Tokarev.

During the visit, the participation of American representatives in the “Women’s Cosmic Message” project was discussed from both a scientific and sociocultural point of view. Taking into account that Gregory Olsen is a doctor of science, professor at Princeton University, one of the meetings was held in Princeton (USA), where scientific topics were discussed that urged the “Women’s Cosmic Message” project to be considered – the study of climate, the preservation of human civilization and the philosophy of the Cosmos. Cosmos, as a world order, as a world within us.

Meetings in New York and Princeton (USA)