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Mother Teresa

Her name is Agnes Gonje Bojagi, but few know the real name and surname of this amazing woman. The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, mother Teresa founded the organization “Sisters of the missionaries of love,” and devoted her entire life to serving people. She struggled with poverty, treated small children, and helped those in need. After death, the Catholic Church canonized her.

Astrid Lindgren

Among the prominent writers we recall Astrid Lindgren, whose works form children’s souls from an early age, and many generations of children will be brought up on her books. Probably the most recognizable character, Carlson, was born thanks to a talented Swede from Peru, and every kid on earth believes that one day he will sit down on the window sill of his nursery.

Sophia Ionescu

There are among the most famous women and outstanding doctors. Sophia Ionescu-Ogreshana is not only a talented doctor who saved many lives, but also the first woman neurosurgeon in the world. For forty-seven years she worked as a neurosurgeon in a hospital in Bucharest. An interesting fact of her biography was the operation, carried out in 1971, to save the life of the wife of an Arab Sheikh. Since the man could not enter the harem, Sofia herself performed the operation.  

Margaret Thatcher

Perhaps the most famous woman politician of the twentieth century, Margaret Thatcher, became the first woman prime minister not only of Great Britain, but among European states. Thatcher took this post for 11 years, which was the longest premiership in the twentieth century. For rigidity and intransigence with political opponents, she was called the “Iron Lady”, and in 1992 Elizabeth II awarded Margaret the honorable title of baroness.  


The seer from the small Bulgarian town of Wangelia Pandev Gushterov, better known as Vanga, possessing the gift of providence, undoubtedly influenced world processes. Not only ordinary people, but also influential politicians, and even leaders of powerful states, sought the advice of a blind, but clairvoyant Vanga. And today, many, no, no, yes, remember her prophecies, and compare with the events of our time.  

Anne Frank

The diary of this girl, translated into almost all languages of the world, became a vivid evidence of the crimes of Nazism and the Holocaust. Anna was born in Germany, but because of the persecution and execution of Jews, she was forced to hide in Holland. After the Nazis seized this country, the girl and her family hid for 25 months in a small room that led to a door hidden behind a bookcase. After the denunciation, the family of Frank was arrested, and they all died in the camp, but the memory of the strong girl is still kept from the hearts of the people.  

Coco Chanel

Small, fragile Frenchwoman, literally made a revolution in the modeling business. The most famous models of the world considered it an honor to demonstrate the outfits of the famous Koko. In 1921, the perfumer of the house “Chanel” invited her to choose the best from their two series of fragrances. Coco liked the smell at number 5, so the world was presented with the famous perfume “Chanel №5”.  

Rosa Lee Parks

Rosa Lee Parks, a fellow friend of Martin Luther King, founder of the black movement in the United States, wanted to become a teacher, but poor health and poverty did not allow the dream to come true. In 1951, Rose refused to give way to the white American, as required by the law on segregation. She was arrested, but this did not prevent her from fighting for the rights of blacks. Largely due to her, the law on the separation of blacks and whites in the United States was repealed. The United States Congress honored her title as the Mother of the Modern Civil Rights Movement.  

Indira Gandhi

There were also women’s politicians in history who significantly influenced the course of world processes. Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India, undoubtedly occupies the leading position in this row. From a young age, Indira shoulder to shoulder with her father fought for the independence of her homeland, participated in demonstrations and rallies. Becoming the prime minister has done a lot to strengthen India and increase its international prestige. In 1984, the ball was killed by its own guard at the direction of the Sikhs, and in 1999 was recognized as the “Millennium Woman”. 

Malala Yusufzai

This oriental beauty from Pakistan is only 20 years old, but she is already known to the whole world, and in 2014 she received the Nobel Peace Prize. The girl is actively involved in human rights activities and advocates for the equal rights of women in the East with men, access to education for girls, and the cessation of religious strife. When she was 11 years old, she already wrote video blogs for the Air Force, in which she spoke about the crimes of the Taliban, lawlessness and cruelty. In 2012, she was seriously injured, but thanks to Pakistani and British doctors, the girl’s life was saved. 

Valentina Tereshkova

In June 1963, her call sign “Chaika” circled all the news agencies of the world. And mankind has learned that the first woman to go to the cosmic expanses was citizen of the USSR Valentina Tereshkova. In the Soviet and world cosmonautics, the only female astronaut who flew alone. After retiring from the cosmonaut corps, Valentina leads an active social and political activity, holds frequent meetings with children and young people, and heads the charity foundation “Memory of Generations”. 

Amelia Earhart

In 1937, this wonderful and courageous woman went missing while trying to travel around the world by plane. Amelia’s life still attracts the attention of historians, and the circumstances and causes of the disappearance have not been solved. And Amelia became famous for being the first female pilot to fly the Atlantic Ocean alone. After that, she wrote several books, initiated the creation of the women’s flight group “99”. 

Katrin Schwitzer

Katrin was born in Germany, but after finishing her father’s service, she returned to the USA. One of her actions made her known to the whole world. She was the first woman in history to run the entire Boston Marathon five years before official permission to participate in women. As the organizer did not try to stop her, she reached the finish line. Now Schwinger is a famous writer and public figure, and in 2011 she was featured in the American Hall of Fame of Outstanding Women.

Margaret Hamilton

The American, like Sophia, went down in history as an outstanding scientist. Margaret works as a computer specialist at NASA. Under her leadership, software was created for the Apollo space project. It all started with the project “Whirlwind”, where Hamilton created a computer program capable of predicting weather conditions, which is used now in the US air defense. 

Sofia Kovalevskaya

Russian women are famous not only for their beauty, but also for their mind. A wonderful example of this is Sofia Kovalevskaya, a Russian mathematician and mechanic who also became the first woman professor. From a young age, she broke the stereotype that only men can do science. For her work, Sophia has been awarded France for the development of education and science and the Borden Prize, the prize of the Swedish Academy of Sciences.  

Maria Sklodovskaya-Curie

Mary was born in Warsaw on November 7, 1867 in the family of a teacher, and already in her school years showed an unstoppable craving for knowledge and an incredible hard work. At that time, it was very difficult for women to get an education in the Russian Empire, but despite this, the girl became a teacher and a scientist who twice won the Nobel Prize. Together with her husband, they conducted experiments in the radioactive field and discovered two new elements, radium and polonium.